25 – Candice Hickerson

Queer (they/them) // Colorado Springs, CO // Dog Lover. Favorite Uncle. Hobby YouTuber. On gender identity and pronouns… “Over the past year, I have really started realizing and coming to terms with… ‘Oh, I’m non-binary!’ Having befriended Shania [Howells], who studies these things… they gave me words. Then I was like, ‘Oh, I fit that…’Continue reading “25 – Candice Hickerson”

24 – Xani

Gay/Non-Binary (they/them) / Denver, CO / Drag Performer – Alexandre Valentino Shayne & Heaux Leigh Sheet With the infinite possibilities of gender identity and expression, when did you know? “Growing up, I was taught to be highly effeminate. I did a lot of theater as a kid, and I would always gravitate toward male roles.Continue reading “24 – Xani”

22 – Alexi Hernandez

5 years old // Genderqueer/Non-Binary (they/them) // Colorado Springs, CO // Loves unicorns & their mommy. Preferred name: “I’m a fluffy marshmallow!” – Instead of being called ‘Princess’, ‘Marshmallow’ is preferred. It changes, but prefers Alexi On pronouns, and how it feel when others don’t honor them? Alexi’s Mom: “Usually when we introduce ourselves, I’llContinue reading “22 – Alexi Hernandez”

16 – Candy Calloway

Lesbian/Kind of feeling more Non-Binary (she/her/they/them) On how she identifies within the community… “That is the hardest thing I think for me right now… with my whole coming out process, is where do I identify, because I know people want to identify me with the lesbian community… but I feel more non-binary than what mostContinue reading “16 – Candy Calloway”

9 – Shania Howells

AFAB Non-Binary/A Little Queer/A Little Gay (they/them) // Colorado Springs, CO // Queero. Weirdo. LGBTQ+ Scholar. Gender Alien. Drag Husband. Where do you identify within in the community? “I’m definitely AFAB (assigned female at birth), Non-Binary. I’m a little Queer in there, I’m kind of Gay. Don’t know what that means necessarily, but I’m workingContinue reading “9 – Shania Howells”