25 – Candice Hickerson

Queer (they/them) // Colorado Springs, CO // Dog Lover. Favorite Uncle. Hobby YouTuber. On gender identity and pronouns… “Over the past year, I have really started realizing and coming to terms with… ‘Oh, I’m non-binary!’ Having befriended Shania [Howells], who studies these things… they gave me words. Then I was like, ‘Oh, I fit that…’Continue reading “25 – Candice Hickerson”

23 – Lindsay Facknitz

(she/her) // Married to Jeremy Facknitz // Colorado Springs, CO // Mother. Songwriter. Where do you feel you identify in the LGBTQ+ Spectrum? “In the Kinsey Scale-esque kind of area, I don’t even remember what the numbers are… Like 0 is, super, super straight, and 6 is nothing but gay. I’d say I’m definitely inContinue reading “23 – Lindsay Facknitz”

22 – Alexi Hernandez

5 years old // Genderqueer/Non-Binary (they/them) // Colorado Springs, CO // Loves unicorns & their mommy. Preferred name: “I’m a fluffy marshmallow!” – Instead of being called ‘Princess’, ‘Marshmallow’ is preferred. It changes, but prefers Alexi On pronouns, and how it feel when others don’t honor them? Alexi’s Mom: “Usually when we introduce ourselves, I’llContinue reading “22 – Alexi Hernandez”

19 – Beckah Hansom

Lesbian/Queer (she/her) // Colorado Springs, CO // Mom. Hatchet Owner. Avid Whiskey Drinker. On gender identity/expression… “Regarding gender expression, I’m a little bit more masculine presenting…. But I just want to wear whatever the f*ck I want to wear, and not have to be put in a box. There are times when I want toContinue reading “19 – Beckah Hansom”

2 – Chelsea Macek

Queer (she/her) // Colorado Springs, CO // Owner/Head Craftswoman at Moon Hollow Merchantile & Teller of Tales of Adventure Where does your coming out story begin? “I don’t know if I can go as far back as the age where I thought the Pink Power Ranger was the coolest shit on earth, but I thinkContinue reading “2 – Chelsea Macek”